Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night á la mode

It's freezing here! Well, maybe not literally, but it is pretty darn close! Today there was a high of 42º. I went to my Spanish class this morning, bundled up in my winter coat, boots and a scarf, and it's only October. Our teacher told us that this weekend it is supposed to get down to 32º! You would never guess I live in Spain hahaa!

After class I headed off to my Friday classes and couldn't help but remember last week when I was wearing shorts to class and this week is obviously completely the opposite. Funny thing about last week - I was wearing shorts and one of my students pointed to my leg and said in Spanish 'is that your body?'. I was a bit confused and said 'yeahhhh', to which she pinched my leg and said that she thought that my legs were so tan that I was wearing tights haha. I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts this week. Although it's cold, its very crisp and clear fall weather, which makes me happy. After experiencing the 4 months of rain from last winter here, you won't here one complaint from me about a cold but non-rainy day!

Although its almost freezing by time I got off work, I braved the cold and headed over to Esther's house for some tasty Korean BBQ dinner. It was delicious and after I was craving something sweet. My favorite ice cream in the world is here, in the old part of the city, and I haven't had it since June of last year. Crazy as it was, I suggested we bundle up and go grab a cone. Esther thought it was a good idea - a little ice cream never hurt anyone. With our layers of sweaters and coats we weren't that chilly but probably looked like crazy people, walking around town in winter jackets licking ice cream cones!

Wherever you are reading from, I hope two things: 1) it's not as cold as it is here and 2) that you are having a great Friday!

Besos Fríos (cold kisses)

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