Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Vacations!

Well, I'm quite aware I have been the worst blogger this month. Only one blog the entire month so far! Shame on me! Nothing too significantly exciting has been happening here, but tomorrow morning I will start my Easter travels, so I am quite pumped about that.

This week at school, I had the kids working hard on some Easter arts and crafts. Last year we decorated eggs, but with SO many students, I decided to pass on that activity this year and instead we made birds with real feathers (which the kids think is possibly the coolest thing ever). I had about 40 kids make birds and after the holiday break I will come back and hang them all up from the ceiling so it will appear that all the different colored birdies are flying. I liked the hanging butterflies from last year so much, I wanted to repeat something similar.

The Easter trip will go something like this: Copenhagen (2 days), Stockholm (4 days), Riga (5 days) and Berlin (6 days). I am so excited about each one, I don't know which to look forward to the most! Sadly I think it might be rainy/snowy in Copenhagen and Stockholm, so I might be in for a cold start to the trip, but the forecasted sunny skies in Riga and Berlin give me hope. As always, I will be a blog-master when I come back and let you know how all of the places went! Until then, I hope you have a good rest of the month and enjoy your Easter holiday!


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Ron Trembath said...

You're there now, but I can't wait till you get back so I can hear about it!