Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Month, New Home

Well, my time in my beloved neighborhood of Gros is coming to an end sadly. I am kind of fed up with my flat and have decided the best thing would be to move and luckily found a new place. I have lived in my current apartment for about a year and a half, so a change seems to be in order.

I have found a flat in the Old Part (very close to where I lived when I first arrived) with two Basque girls. Neither of them speak English, so it seems like my Spanish will improve quite rapidly. I found it online and a few weeks ago was running around seeing apartment after apartment. One ad said 'Only Girls, Only Girls', which would lead one to believe that it was a girl looking for girl roommates, but when I got there to see it, a weird man answered the door. No thank you! Another flat I went to look at had a scary looking Basque girl who couldn't get over how my accent sounded - she kept saying how STRANGE that you have an accent like yours. Not only could she probably have beat me up with one punch, but she was quite rude, so again no thank you. Another flat with 3 30-year old men, another with an odd couple - both no thank yous. Finally I found this one and when I went upstairs to see it, the two girls (Monica and Maider) were very friendly and I actually stayed and had a coffee with them for 30 minutes! When I finished my coffee I told them I was very interested and to talk amongst themselves about me and make a decision and then let me know! I had my fingers crossed because I was sure a lot of people had passed by to see it and liked it too. Only a few hours later they called me and left a message (I was teaching) saying that they really liked me and that they would love me to be their flatmmate! I guess my Spanish isn't too bad after all!

So that is how it started, and once I am officially moved in and everything is arranged, I will put up some photos for you all to see my new place. It's a bit smaller than where I live now, but its right in the heart of the city and a great way to improve my Spanish more and more.

Until then, if you were planning on sending me mail or something, please don't use the old address from the blog. Instead, use this one:

Amanda Gonser
Calle de la Pescadería 8, 4º dcha
20003 Donostia-San Sebastían
Guipuzcoa, Españá - Spain

Tonight will be my last night in Gros and tomorrow I will make sure to go past my all-time favorite bar for my last café con leche and tortilla (an omellete) in the morning. I have been eating that at the same bar for a year and a half and have really come to feel like a regular. I know all the bartenders, the cooks, even some of the other customers who come a lot. It will be quite hard to find such a welcoming place in the Old Part, but eventually it will happen. Until then, I have promised everyone at the bar I will pass by atleast once a week! The funny thing is that my new flat and my current flat are only about 8 minutes walking distance apart! How FAR!

So, this is my last blog as a Gros resident. Next you hear from me (probably about the Berlin trip) will be from the Old Part (Parte Vieja in Spanish and Alde Zaharra in Basque) of San Sebastían! Have a great weekend everyone.


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