Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to the big city

As we all know, I had moved out of my apartment in the Old Part due to the fact that the girls were quite rude and we had basically nothing in common.  I thought I was all set when I found an apartment with two students who seemed quite calm and non-partiers, but as soon as I arrived to the place on August 30th, my new roommates already were on my bad side.  Instead of putting up with people I don't really like anymore just for the sake of it, I turned back in the keys and got my security deposit back and crossed my fingers I'd find something better.  So, my stay at Hotel Amanda Country Home here in Orio was extended, but only for a short while. 

A friend of mine, Itziar, happened to be looking for a new place as well, so we started hunting together and presto we found a place!  It's a 3 bedroom apartment in my favorite neighborhood of San Sebastian- Gros - where I feel most comfortable, because I already have my bank, pharmacy, grocery store, restaurants, etc.  We are in the process of looking for a roommate for the 3rd bedroom!  I am so relieved to finally be at peace at home.  It seems that for almost the past two years, I haven't been great friends with the people I was living with, so I basically lived in my room - not really wanting to come out.  But, living with a friend will change all that!  I will finally be able to hang out in the living room and watch a movie without feeling awkard, or cook dinner for friends without feeling like I shouldn't.  Big smile.

We sign the lease and move in tomorrow, so today was my last full day as an Oriotarra (resident of Orio), so I tried to make the best of it.  I woke up with the sun and Joseba at 6:45am and stayed awake thanks to a large cup of coffee.  Around 8am I did the hike I like so much - Itxaspe - for my last morning walk with the sea views.  After coming home and relaxing for a bit I pedaled into the village and did some grocery shopping - stocking up to what I was planning on doing later, make oatmeal raisin cookies!  With a tuna sandwich and a banana in my bag, I dropped the groceries off and headed to a place in Orio I had never been yet - the lighthouse. 

I have been reading 'Water for Elephants' in Spanish, which someone told me was quite popular in the States, but I just couldn't get into it, so I stole a book from Joseba's bookshelf yesterday morning - 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress', and before the middle of the day, I was already halfway through!  So, I stuffed the book in the bag and thought a little lighthouse reading session would be great.  When I arrived, I was quite surprised that I was the only person there!  I mean, I know it was a Monday, but I guess I was expecting more people, or any in that case.  I was pleased though and basked in the sun, listening to the waves lap below against the sandy colored rocks of the lighthouse tower as I became engrossed in my book.  With the wind blowing in my face, I was so relaxed, I was actually bummed that I had to leave to head home to bake the cookies, but since I was getting cold, I convinced myself it was the best. 

The bike ride home (and with bad weather coming, probably one of the last bike rides in Orio for some time to come) was beautiful as always, but even better is that since I went on a road I had never been on, I got a view of Orio from across the river.  With the huge church as the city centerpiece, buildings flank it on all sides, but it still stand tall above them.  And, although I ride along it often, I rarely see the city with the river in front of it, so the fishing boats sitting in the water just made it all the more a charming fishing town. 

While small and cute, I am looking back to getting back to the 'big city' of Donosti.  While only having 400,000 residents, it's the biggest city in our county, so even after living in NYC, I now consider this my booming metropolis haha. 

Once the house is all set up, photos will come, but just wanted to write one last country blog - its been amazing to have ZERO to do and occupy my day with bike rides, hikes, cookies, reading, puzzles, etc.  I think it was a great relax therapy :)


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