Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amanda & Joseba gone wild - Spring Break 2011

I am officially on vacation!  I have been enjoying my first few days riding around on the bike, drinking coffee on the outdoor terraces, and studying on the porch in the sun.  However, on the agenda for the holidays is the lovely island of Tenerife - part of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa.  With about 300 days of sun each year, I am hoping with all my heart that we get 8 days of them!

We started planning this island getaway at the end of January and I am so happy that it's finally come!  I have been reading up a bit on Tenerife and have found some random but interesting facts that make the trip all the more anticipated.

 - Some say that the highest peak of Tenerife, Mount Teide, could be part of the Atlantean Mountains, where the lost city of Alantis once was.  The people who worshipped the God of the Sea, became too wealthy for thier own good and Zues got angry with thier greed and punished them with tidal waves and volcanic eruptions...leaving us only with mountain peaks to admire.  Mount Teide is rumoured to be one of the remaining peaks.  We are planning on hiking to the summit, so when we get back I will give you my best Greek history opinion.

 - Knowing that we are hiking up to the top of Teide, the highest peak in Spain, it is also an interesting thing to keep in mind that it is an active volcano that is about due to blow.  Christopher Columbus reported seeing it explode in 1492 as he passed on the way to America.  More reports show it blew in 1706, 1798, and last in 1909 - so basically around the turn of each century.

 - On a grosser note, I have recently learned that the cockroaches of Tenerife are amazingly resilent.  It appears that if you cut off their head, they can manage to live for a whole two more weeks!  And the only reason they die is because they can't eat, not the fact that they are headless!  I hope to God I don't meet one - with a head or not.

 - Last but not least, a literary piece of info.  After an 11-day disappearance where she claimed amnesia, Agatha Cristie escaped the media attacks by going to Tenerife.  While there she wrote a few short stories and even mentions the island in The Man From the Sea, (anyone read it??).  So, hopefully while I am there, I too will be inspired, but instead of short stories, I will use my enthusiasm from the beautiful island to return and write you all some memorable blogs!


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