Friday, July 1, 2011

Last 'NEW' address for awhile

I have lived with my fair share of people since I moved away from home.  Twenty-one people to be exact.  But now and forever more, I will have only one roommate - Joseba!  In these last few days with Monste, my roommate and good friend, I sometimes get hit with this 'oh my gosh you're never going to live with a girl again' thoughts.  But then when Joseba and I go to the apartment and start moving things in slowly, like we have been doing for the past few days, and say we decide where to hang a poster together or where to put a candle, I get this 'oh my gosh you're going to live your life with the man you love.  and on top of that, you're going to SHARE a life with him' thought, which is something I obviously have never had.  It's an amazing thought that I am sure most of you have experienced once before in your life.

It's great to see the apartment taking form now, some of his things, some of mine.  Since we are still in the process of moving, I don't have any pics to post, but as soon as we get the house how we like it, I promise I'll put some up.  But, I'll tell you it is a small but livable place, blonde wood floors with an open dining/living room, very bright and airy and currently decorated with a hodgepodge of Joseba's travels, my knick knacks and tons of empty boxes!

For those of you wondering about my new address, here it is:
c/ Baztan 4  4-B
20012 Donostia - San Sebastian
Gipuzkoa, EspaƱa - Spain

We are OFFICIALLY living there now, so send away!


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Jill said...

Amanda! You sound like you're just beaming! Congratulations, and I can't wait to see the new apartment! :)

Jill in Korea!