Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One small step for Amanda, one giant leap for Amandakind

The past few weeks I have been slacking on the blogging but you will be happy to know I am still working on cataloging my happy memories albeit in a different manner.  Never being the craftiest girl, I have always wanted to preserve photos and memories in a scrapbook, but can't seem to dedicate enough time to making a lovely book.  So, I finally caught up with digital photo technology and decided to make a 'photo book'.  

I easily have thousands of photos saved on my computer, but rarely do I look at them.  Just from Paris alone I have 294.  Ridiculous I know.  I imagine Rome is even worse.  But, you get the point - so many lonely photos that never get looked at.  It's not like I'm going to whip out the computer every time someone comes over.  Nor am I going to hold a photo slideshow for my friends one Friday night (although we do share the trip photos at our weekly family dinners).  So, when I finally paid attention to these photo books, I realized its perfect!  I can make a coffee table sort of book that holds my favorite shots of each place.  From 294 photos, believe me, it was hard to widdle down to about 6 snaps of the City of Love, but I did it, and I love each and every one for its own reason.

In 1826 when the first actual photograph was 'developed' by a dashing French man, I highly doubt that in the year 2011 people would be 1) taking photos so easily with digital cameras and that 2) they could be printed so quickly and in such an appeasing format (as opposed to the pewter plate he used to produce his image).

As many of you know, I carry my camera with me nearly every day.  Although I have lived here for some time now, I still consider my time here more as an adventure - an exciting journey of sorts.  So, I've been inspiried by the Lao Tzu quote: ''A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'' to name my books.  I figure each book can go along with a 'step' theme - A Step Back, First Steps, A Giant Leap, etc.  From the frozen lake in Sweden to the black sand of the Tenerife beaches or the narrow cobblestone feet streets of Italy and the stretching pavement of Times Square, my size 5½ feet have treaded over many beautiful places, and finally I will get to have a little photographic retracing of my steps. If you think of a good book title, please let me know!

While they are still in the works, here are two links to books I have been working on if you would like to check them out.  For my first year abroad I have named the book First Steps and my summer in the States I have named A Step Back.  Hope you enjoy!


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