Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feeling the pulse of the world!

The Daily News has published another one of my articles today with a headline reading 'Six Billion Others:  Kelso grad feels the pulse of the world at Spain exhibit'

From time to time I send articles their way to share my experiences with a wider audience, which I love.  This article came as quite a surprise though.  I had sent my article and was told that there were a few travel stories already in waiting and that within some time they would run.  But, out of nowhere, the reporter contacted me saying that there had been a space problem and BOOM my article was running in 2 days!  Delighted, I sent over a recent photo and bada-bing-bada-boom it's there.  The one little misprint is that the photo's caption says I am in Austria.  Being a land-locked country, it is a bit unbelievable that the photo of me on the coast could be taken there.  The photo is in fact taken in Bermeo, Basque Country about an hour from our house. 

While most of you have probably already read the article because it was an earlier blog, hope you enjoy seeing it in a newspaper format!  I think the fact of holding the newspaper in your hand makes the news much more exciting and can't wait to see it in print myself. 


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