Sunday, October 16, 2011

Exhibition: Amanda's new hobby

I have never taken a painting class.  Heck, I've never taken an art class.  I am pretty convinced by my thin stick people drawings that I have no artistic talent.  However, the past few years I have been itching to see for myself if I have any ability in this field.  All through high school and college, while art classes were offered in every direction, I opted for writing, marketing, computers, etc.  Now, I guess I figure it's my time to try it out, and so I signed up for a class through the Culture Center in Donostia for oil painting!  The class started last Thursday and I had zero expectations and just wanted to try out something totally out of character for myself. 

I originally thought that I could kill two birds with one stone and maybe meet some fun and nice people, but as it turns out, I think I (and maybe a 35 year old woman I sat next to) are the only people under 50 in the class.  Maybe there was a special senior citizens discount??  Regardless, I went with an open mind and quite liked it.  We started off by learning to mix different oil colors - from primary colors to make the secondary ones - as well as how white changes the colors drastically.  We painted our own color wheels and I can honestly say mine wasn't the worst!  So that's a good start no? 

When the teacher went through the laundry list of supplies we need to buy, I realized that not only will this class serve as a fun hobby on Thursday afternoons, but also as a way to expand my Spanish vocabulary.  Art techniques and tools are not really words you learn often.  And to think that I considered taking this class in Basque HAHA! 

In this blog I have included a few pieces of art that I found for sale online that show the beauty of the Basque Country in oil.  While I might rock the color wheel, I recognize that I probably won't be painting anything near this nice for years to come, but this week, when I go to buy all the required supplies, I guess I can be remind myself that I live in a beautiful place that maybe someday (with a lot of talent/practice) I will be able to paint a canvas and try to capture the rolling hills, lively dancers, incredible food and crashing sea. 


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