Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, I don't know where the month of October went, but we are already in November and Fall is in full swing here in the Basque Country.  I thought I would take the opportunity to share some Autumn colors with you - nothing awe-astounding, but just little things I see on my way to work.  The photo of the street is something that really took me by surprise though - but I am not sure you can make it out completely in the picture.

In this little street that runs parallel to a main road, the residents have strung together fallen leaves and made something of a hanging banner of them.  Think popcorn on a string hanging around your Christmas tree, but with rust colored crunchy leaves draping the street.  Seeing as we have had really nice weather so far this Fall, the leaf streamers remain intact and really add a nice touch to the otherwise bland street.

With many National Parks and other more pedestrian ones along with the scenic hillsides that border the highway, I am lucky to get to see various colors of the season (which although I am missing a bit of football, still is my favorite season).  I know most people choose Summer or Spring for the gorgeous blooms, and don't get me wrong I adore them as well, but for me, Fall just has something special.  I guess I would agree with a quote by Albert Camus that says 'Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.   I try to take advantage of any sunny day I get, to atleast be outside for a little bit because sooner than I know, these bright cranberries, vivid goldenrods, soft oranges, rusty browns and deep crimson and colors will be gone.  I hope similar colors catch your eyes too and you can enjoy them while they last!


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