Saturday, June 30, 2012


Just a short blog to share an email that popped into my inbox.  Before Joseba gave me my Kindle for Christmas, I was always looking for a good place to buy good books in English for a cheap price.  I found this place called Book Depository, which is an online book shop based out of England.  I was tickled pink, ordered 6 books and had them in 3 days!  I also signed up for the email, which I get from time to time that offers discounts and such, but have since started downloading books instead.

So, this email just popped up about 12 countries of books in 12 days!  Spain happened to be the first country on thier whirlwind tour of literature.  I am placing this LINK, not because I want you to buy books from across the pond and pay in pounds, no no, I am passing it on so you can check out some of the great books that come from here!  The Shadow of the Wind is quite famous, I'm sure most of you have heard about it or read it like me.  The Basque History of the World also makes the list of recommendable books and is one I would suggest too.  There are tons of books about Spanish history and some Basque books as well (although I wouldn't recommend trying to read in Basque!).

For all my fellow book lovers out there, take a gander and see if something catches your ojo and let me know!



Jill said...

What a great photo of you and Joseba!

Amanda said...

Thanks Jill! We took it at this amazingly huge bookshop in Bordeaux, France. And that book we happened to pick up for the pic weighed a TON!