Sunday, September 9, 2012

A hairy situation

After having lived here for four years, the unthinkable finally happened – Basque hair.  I have been going to the same hair cut place for over a year now and really have felt comfortable there.  The staff is very friendly and they always do my hair just like I want it – which is always just a repeat from the previous time, aka a trim.  So, living at my mother-in-law’s house in Orio, about 30 minutes away from Donostia where I used to get my hair cut, I decided that for my last haircut here before coming home, I should go to my regular place.  My logic was that they knew my cut and would whip it out real quick and just how I like it.  Wrong. 

Ever since I got bangs on my 25th birthday, I have been terrified, literally shaking in my boots, every time I go to the hair salon.  Why?  Because I have feared with my soul, the Basque hair.  Here, the mullet still is going strong and rat tails also decorate many a head.  The pony-tail with the shaved sides of the head is currently becoming popular.  But worst of all are the bangs – Basque bangs as I have appropriately dubbed them.  These bangs are even in the bangs category in my opinion because they practically don’t even cover your forehead!  They are cut so short that it was like you were a 7-year old girl who made a mistake with the scissors.  But people actually ASK for this!  How is it possible? 

Each time I have gotten a haircut I adamantly show with my finger WHERE I want my bangs to fall.  None of this half a centimeter of my forehead business; no no, I normally want them a little bit above my eyebrows that I’m a happy camper. The worst is when you get a hairdresser who actually has this style, I use the word loosely, of bangs, and you basically have to say, I specifically do NOT want your hair.   I say PLEASE PLEASE don’t cut them short and in almost 3 years, I have been relieved each time I have walked out of the salon. 

Much to my surprise, my regular hair dresser this time, pulled a fast one and seemed to forget how I have been getting my hair cut for over a year.  While he was chopping away, he got all Edward Scissorhands on me, and hair was flying around so much that I had to close my eyes to shield them – BIG mistake.  When I opened them I saw that he had given me not only a partial mullet (I believe his words were ‘I like the lengthy but we are going to make the top a bit more playful’) but also the dreaded Basque bangs.  I said ‘do NOT cut more’ and he proceeded to trim and then blow dried like one blow dries a dog.
I was horrified when I saw the final product but paid anyways, thinking that I could always fix it at home by blow-drying it how I wanted it done (not how they dry it like I’m a 1950s housewife and put a bunch of product in it).  I was sadly incorrect.  I guess this sort of slip had to happen at some point, and I guess I’m impressed it took so long.

 But, take this blog as a warning – when you see me, please do not gawk or gasp.  I have a mullet and practically no bangs, I’m aware.  I am just waiting for it to grow out so I can go back to regular Amanda hair. 

In a sense, I guess you could say that I have truly become Basque with this haircut – no easy feat.  No souvenirs are needed for me – I have it on my head! 


PS – This pic was taken a couple of days after the initial shockingly bad haircut.  It isn’t exactly my favorite hair do but I will admit that after all that ranting above…it’s not SO bad.  It’s already growing!

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