Friday, September 12, 2008

Estoy Aqui

hello everyone! I made it to espana! i cannot get my internet to work yet so i am on the hostel computer but i wanted to let everyone know that i made it safe. i will try and set up the internet over the weekend but so far everything is amazing. i am staying a hostel called urban house in san sebastian, and its ALL aussies! no americans! i think i am the only american in this entire city! everyone is very nice and we all get along. i stay in a room with a british guy, a aussie guy and a german girl. i am the only one with SO much luggage haha! i have to preface all my conversations when people see my luggage and explain that i am here for ten two week stuff here haha!

i cant post any pics yet because i cant get them onto the hostel computer, but as soon as i can i will share some.

i miss everyone and just wanted to give a quick update to let everyone know i am safe and sound! i start work on monday with some 5 year olds, so it should be fun! i will go to an internet cafe this weekend and write more.


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