Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mi Fin de Semana

Hi everyone! Even though we are into another week of work, I wanted to share my weekend with yo! While I only work a max of 18 hours a week, I still definitley appreciate the weekend and this one was no exception.

Friday consisted of the International Film Festival that is in San Sebastian for about 10 days. This film festival is on par with Cannes and Tribeca film festivals, so it's a pretty big deal in this little city! Supposedly Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Woody Allen, Jon Malkovich, Ben Stiller and Meryl Streep are all here! I have not seen Antonio yet...broken heart. However, I DID manage to check out one of the movies. During the festivals, they take all the cinemas in the entire city and oly feature filmes that are in the festival. I met up with a Spanish friend (who barely speaks English) and headed to see a Japanese film called Karakkaze Yaro, which I guess in English means Afraid to Live. It was a very random Japanese gang movie...very weird, but thankfully had subtitles in both Spanish and English. After, my friend and I dicussed new words we learned in each other's languages! Overall a fun night but a weird movie pick! I think I might try and see another one this week before the festival ends, maybe a Spanish one. Here is a snap of me in front of the main center that shows the most popular movies - called the Kursall. Maybe if I could get in there, I could see Antonio....

Saturday was a gorgeous day and I spent most of it outdoors. I started off at the beach, where there are SO MANY naked and topless sunbathers. I brought two swimsuits to Spain - one brown one and one bright teal one. However, I don't think anyone in the entire city of San Sebastian owns a colored swimsuit - only black! I felt pretty out of place! I guess it doesn't really matter what color swimsuit you have if you take it off right? Haha! Even little 7 year old girls were running around with thier tops off already! Regardless, I had a good time and hopefully got a little tan. Here is a shot of the beach I was at - Zurriola Playa, which is know as th beach for surfers. I am sure if you look closely you can find atleast one person who is topless...it's definitley easier than Where's Waldo!

After laying around at the beach, I decided maybe I should be somewhat active and decided to do a little hike. I went back to Monte Urgull, which is the mountain I climbed last week. Instead of flip flops like last time, this trip I decided to wear flats! Some day I will need to invest in tennis shoes! I threw my old crappy ones out when I left NY and have yet to purchase a new pair. The hike was beautiful! I sort of hurried up to the top of the castle just to see the amazing view again! After, I took my time winding around and down the mountain. There are so many paths to choose from, I am sure next time I will take a new route altogether. I included a couple shots of my hike - one of me next to the castle and one of me hiking on a trail around the wall that guards the castle. I know, I know, who wears a skirt hiking? Me!

Sunday was nothing special, except that I finally got to move into my apartment! It's a bit in shambles because my clothes are strewn everywhere but I can actually upack, which makes me elated! Odd but true, the room is magenta. The hostel that this building used to be part of prided itself on looking like the heart of San Sebastian, which I guess includes bright colors! There are bright orange and green rooms in the apartment as well haha! While it's not the most calming color, it's a bedroom and I feel super lucky to have it! I can finally sleep in a room alone and not have to share it with atleast 3 other people - hooray! I spent most of the day unpacking, organizing, etc - nothing too glamorous. I did happen to go to a restaurant with some friends that serves cheeseburgers. Now, we all know I only like meat, cheese and mayo on my burger. Here is how you order that in espanol: "Quiero un hamburguesa solamente con tenura, queso y mahonesa, por favor". Something like that!

Overall, I had a great weekend and hope that you did too! I will update later in the week! Miss you all!



ALEX said...

hey, when i read about u going to the beach and seeing nude sunbathers it reminded me of a commercial well i hope ur having fun and i miss u love u lotz

Harry0 said...

Hi Amanda;
trying to figure this thing out. did you receive this? Grandpa