Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Apartment Searching!

Woah - I just had a crazy experience apartment searching! All in Spanish of course!

I have been wanting to move apartments (in Europe they are called flats, and in Spanish they are called pisos) for awhile now. The people that I live with are nice, but it's really not homey. I live with a 3 guy students and one creepy old man (well he is 30 but he is still creepy). They have parties ALL the time and never clean up after themselves. Usually when I want to cook something, I need to wash someone else's dishes. To top it all off, we only speak English in the house, so it's impossible to practice my Spanish! I also want to move to a new neighborhood called Gros (pronounced just like it looks - gross) because it is closer to my Spanish language school and supposedly is the best neighborhood (barrio) in San Sebastian.

So, I have been looking and today went to go see two apartments. The first one has a boy who is from a city I can't pronounce but it is in Africa but is part of the Spanish part of Africa - I guess a few cities are Spanish down there. Another is a girl from Burgos, which is a little more inland than here. The last person is a German, I think a boy, I didn't meet him, but I guess he isn't very conversational (is that a word?). The two people that I meant, the Spanish people, were super nice and didn't seem to care that my Spanish is not that good. Here we say bastante bien, which means good enough! I was able to talk about the rent, the room, the electric bills, the internet, moving in, etc. They say, don't worry about your time you move out in June you will be fluent lol. I have til Sunday to decide...eeek!

The next one I went to was SUPER weird. I went up to the piso and rang the bell. A nice guy answered and explained I needed to take my shoes off...that's fine - let's keep the floors nice. So then I thought he was going to show me around the piso but he took me to the kitchen where 3 other people were sitting, and from then on it was like a interview (entrevista). They asked me a million questions, and I could tell they kinda judged my Spanish - meanies I am trying! By the end I was super awkward because they told me that they would have to speak with thier other roommate, explain me and decide if they liked me. WHAT?! I said - 'gracias por este entrevista' when I left ahahha and should be expecting a call on Friday IF they liked me.

I liked the second apartment better because it was GORGEOUS and in a super nice building, but I think I will chose the first one because the people are better :D Now, I have to figure out how I can pay half a month rent in this piso and store my stuff for the time I am gone in Brussels and Rome. I am sure I will figure it out! Just wanted to give you a little update on my night and let you know I successfully spoke a BUNCH of Spanish today!

Muchos besos!

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