Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Erps-Kwerps Christmas

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas and Zorionak! I can’t believe it is another Christmas, and most of all, I can’t believe I am not home! I have never missed a Christmas and this one that I do miss, Washington gets tons and tons of snow – so I am pretty jealous! Not only do I not get to spend Christmas with my family, but I don’t get to eat coffee cups of snow all day! Not like I am really in a bad situation – I am spending Christmas in Brussels, with good friends, who are the closest thing I have to family on this continent.

It was a true blessing that they are here and that I am able to spend the holiday with them. On Christmas Eve we baked a bunch of cookies, chocolate chip, triple chocolate, turtle cookies and of course, home-made sugar cookies and we decorated them. We stayed up late and decorated the house, so it feels very Christmasy too. We also watched Christmas movies, played games and got to open one present. It is a tradition in Natalie’s family to open one present on Christmas Eve – and it is always Christmas pajamas, so they got me some pjs that we will all wear tomorrow morning while opening presents!

I have been listening to Christmas music for a good month now and finally realized how sad the song ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ is. I always thought that it meant that this guy was coming home to his family and to prepare everything so it is Christmassy when he arrives, but if you listen, you realize that he says he isn’t going to make it home: ‘I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.’ I have a hard time listening to this song now, and even writing about it makes me teary-eyed because this sad song has become my life! I am truly lucky to have this amazing experience for the holiday, but I feel like something is missing because I am not with my family.

I hope that they know that I am thinking of them alllllll day and wish that I could: hear The Night Before Christmas, open a Nutcracker and stand next to my life-sized one, take 3 cars to Grammy’s house, make the gravy for dinner, sit at the kid’s picnic table, help pass out presents, sing Jingle Bells at the family reunion, play in the snow, listen to Christmas music in English on the radio, have my sisters wake me up Christmas morning, have Christmas rolls with jam not butter and last but not least, get socks as a present!

Christmas Day will be fun-filled here in Erps-Kwerps (the city where Natalie and Beau live). Natalie and Beau have invited some friends over and we are having a huge American Christmas dinner! I think it is going to be a very memorable Christmas!

I hope that you are having a Merry Christmas as well, wherever you are reading from :D

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Zorionak, Zalig Kerstfeast (Dutch), Zalig Kerstfeest (Flemish), Joyeux Noel (French)

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