Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last full week in San Sab!

Well, I don't know where the year has gone, but this was my last full week at work and my last weekend. It's kind of surreal how quickly my return to the States has crept up on me! I am so excited to come home but know I will really miss Spain - so I am definitley happy I will be back.

For the last two weeks we do fun things at work with the kids, and I chose to do milkshakes. I am 100% tired of milkshakes now, considering with all of my glasses I made them like 10 times and made about 50 milkshakes (batidos) ha. Because I like my activities to match what we are learning in class, I made a recipe for the little kids to fill out about how to make a milkshake with some new vocabulary. For the older students I found the 'history of the milkshake' hahah. Pretty silly, but I did learn quite a lot about milkshakes this week. If you're interested - the term was first used in print in 1885 and was an alcoholic whiskey drink - no, my milkshakes for my kids had no whiskey ha. A nice little factoid in case you ever see it on Jeopardy. My kids thought it was so silly we were doing the history of the milkshake, but it was good practice of the past tense! The kids were SO excited about the milkshakes, they almost didn't beleive we were going to make them. I don't allow food in the class, so this activity broke all the rules and they were as giddy as can be. I had a great time with them, but don't think I will be wanting a milkshake for quite some time.

Thursday night we had one last work dinner. Again - a nice restaurant where I always try something weird. This time around it was some salad with squid squiggilies, a shot glass of some fish puree and a little crayfish. It was nice to have dinner together because we are all going to be there next year as well. Sean is staying at the school and of course Erika will be there and me!

For my last weekend I partied it up. I figure that even if I am tired I will be able to sleep on my 10 hour plane ride and rest up when I get home! Friday, I was at the beach until 3pm when I had to go to work. I am really getting brown - hooray. Friday night we had a costume party at my friend Madeline's house. It was a 'doctor, nurse or injured person' party, which turned out to be pretty funny. Peni (she came back from Denmark to say goodbye to me this week!) and I decided to just put Disney bandaids on our faces and all over our body ha. There were some impressive costumes - Madeline even bought stuff to make a cast and had a cast around her stomach and on her arm. So silly. The best part was that Madeline and I bought IV bags (because you can somehow buy them at the pharmacy here) and everyone put thier drinks in IV bags and drank them from there hahaha.

Saturday, we recovered from the party on the beach all day. And I really mean all day! Peni and I got the beach at 10am, laid out until about 2 and then headed home for lunch and then back to the beach with a big group of friends until about 7pm. It was so nice - soaking up the sun, playing frisbee in the water, jumping waves and eating little appetizers and cherries. It was a perfect day and it was the most people I have seen on the beach all year!

All in all it was a good weekend - full of good weather and friends! Home in a matter of hours!


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