Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween...a few days late!

Well, I know Halloween was last week, but I just finally getting around to writing about it! In Spain, they don't celebrate Halloween barely at all. There are enough foreigners that dress up that you can kind of tell it is Halloween, but really it is just an excuse to dress up and party. As for the school side of the holiday, the kids really look forward to Halloween because they know they
All last week was Halloweeny in my classroom. Most of the kids did get candy and they get to do arts and crafts!
word searches (sopa de letras) with Halloween vocab. Of course I put my American vocabulary, by mistake - we say candy and British people say sweets - so my kids were thrown a little bit by some of the words, but they enjoyed it anyways. With the young kings, we made pumpkin masks. I made one too to replace the fact that I haven't carved a pumpkin in over 3 years! So sad! With the older kids we made little lanterns and they drew Halloween designs on some orange tissue paper and then we put it around a jar. Pretty simple but it was a big hit! We also brushed up on our Halloween knowledge with the history of Halloween! Did you know that Halloween originally started out as a Celtic holiday called Samhaim, which meant end of summer. The Celtic people thought that the last day of summer was October 31st and that on this day the spirits could cross over into the real world - which is where all of the spooky stuff comes from!

The BEST part for the kids is when they got thier candy! I bought some chocolate that was wrapped in vampire teeth foil. The kids loved it and immediatley stuck it in thier mouths and ran around the class pretending to be vampires, a new vocabulary word for them! Between pumpkin mask making and candle lighting, Sean, my workmate, kept scaring my class by bursting into the classroom when the lights were off and making my kids scream like a horror film. It was quite amusing!

After all my educational Halloween time, I was ready to throw on my costume and celebrate! As of Friday, I still had no idea what I wanted to be! I kind of looked through the stuff I had and miraculously found a bag of fabric that the girl who stayed in my room over the summer had left. In in was an elastic peice of red and white fabric and an idea came to my head - PIRATE! I figured that I could sew a skirt with the material and then find a patch and a sword and I would be set! Here is the amazing part - I actually SEWED the skirt by hand and it looked great! It fit perfectly (I even made darts in the waste so that it fit there) and I cut the bottom a little to make it look more piratey. Every person I saw, I made sure to point out the hem and tell them a few times that I made it myself haha. So proud! I went to a costume party, where there were clowns, mariachi dancers, pumpkins, zombies and more! After the party, we headed into the Old Part of town - and sad but true, we were the only ones dressed up! Ohhhh well, it was fun anyways!

I hope you had a sweet Halloween and your November started off well! I spent all November 1st laying on the beach. Somehow it happened to be 80º on Sunday and I recovered from my Halloween evening by watching the waves and having a picnic on the sand. A perfect Sunday!


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