Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Amanda!

Well, I finally had my quarter century life crisis. I though that turning 25 felt too easy and this weekend I felt the repucussions!

Saturday morning I woke up and made a hair appointment. When I arrived the hair lady (who I have been going to since I moved here) said 'Ok, the regular with your hair?' and I said I wanted a change and that today I wanted bangs! She was like WOW and said that I was going to look younger and I told her that's nice since I just turned 25 - cuarto siglo! She laughed and said I was having a quarter century life crisis and that's exactly why I want to change my hair! I laughed and agreed. When she cut the first part of the bangs I gasped and she said don't worry, don't worry, just keep reading your book. At the end she asked me if I loved it...and since it is so drastically different I couldn't really say anything, so I said thank you it is exactly what I asked for but it will take me some time to get used to it! I am pretty used to it now, but it is kind of shocking to see yourself in a photo or walk past a mirror and wonder who you are!

After a quick lunch I met up with some friends for a stroll along the beach. Turned out to be a 16km hike! For us Americans who don't use the kilometers, that's 9.9 miles! Yea! I went in cute tennis shoes, jeans and a sweater haaha. I wasn't so prepared, but it wasn't so bad. I was invited by my friend Theresa from Germany who I know from my Spanish Language classes. She invited another German girl, who then invited a Peruvian, Sweede and a Argentinian. Spanish was everyone's common language, so for the 5 hour excursion I got a lot of practice! We started in San Sebastian and after quite some walking ended in Orio. It's pronounced like Oreo haha. Although it was a very long walk, it was gorgeous with beautiful views of the countryside. With houses stranded in the middle of nowhere, cows roaming freely and the fall colors clashing with the blue of the sea, it was a pleasure to be able to have such a day in the middle of November! By time we got to Orio, it was 630pm and it was pretty dark. At one point, we got off the trail and onto the street to walk, only to find that we had to walk in a tunnel and then on a part of the highway that had no sidewalk. Pretty dangerous, but it was fun - we waited until no cars were coming and then SPRINTED to the sidewalk. After almost 10 miles it felt like heaven to sit on the train back. It was rather depressing to realize that you can get to Orio by train in 25 minutes and we just spent 5 hours walking there haha. It was a great way to spend the day in the sunshine and doing something different.

Tired as possible, I managed to go out to a bar that night to see a band play. It is a guy who is blind who is a really good singer and guitar player. It wasn't a huge concert, just a small show in a little bar by my house, but I was really impressed with the band and actually liked some of thier songs! Around 1am I had to call it a night and caught some sleep to prepare for my also busy Sunday.

I woke up, drank my required coffee and headed off to meet Theresa again for another excursion. This time we went to a sculpture park of a famous Basque sculptor named Eduardo Chillida. In Donosti, there are sculptures from this man, and we had recently found out that there was a huge park with more than 20 of his sculptures only 15 minutes by bus. He makes these HUGE sculptures out of steel, granite, stones and alabaster. With the fall leaves leaping off thier trees, the sculptures were accentuated even more with the beauty of the park. Some of them have curves that you would never imagine for such a material, and some are carved and appear to be more than one peice but actually are one piece of stone and others emphasize a smooth part of the material juxtaposed next to the original texture. It was a relaxing afternoon and it was great to be outside for both days of the weekend. I am sure soon enough it will be pouring, so you have to take advantage of days like this when you can!

After that artsy excursion, we lunched on some delicious sandwiches and actually went to an art museum where they were having a free guided tour - in Spanish. Theresa and I were pretty impressed that we understood almost all of the tour! My Spanish is getting better hoooray! The art was of another Basque artist - this one with paintings though. His name is Gustavo de Maetzu and his brightly colored people in front of dull colored landscapes were goregous. We finished off our action-packed weekend with a lovely wine and now I am so tired I can't write anymore!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I have put up some pictures in the 'favorite pictures' on the right, since I have been slacking on that for awhile. Enjoy your week and I hope your Fall is starting off fabulous.


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