Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Watch what you say!

The more I study Spanish the more fun I have looking at the similarities and also the big differences between our two languages. Here are some of my favorites:

Embarazada - Now this word looks like it might mean embarassed, but boy is that far off. In Spanish it actually means pregnant! So, if you did something stupid and want to say how dumb you feel, you will feel even stupider if you say you're embarazada, because I guarantee that you don't want to say you're pregnant!

Molestar - This word looks quite a lot like moleste, which seems pretty harsh. You would use this term like 'no me molesta', which translates to don't moleste me. I hope that this is a phrase no one ever has to say in English, but in Spanish it just means 'don't bother me'. I wonder if the guy who made English just found this word and blew it out of proportion and made molest like we have today?

Nova - Everyone knows this one! Who doesn't like a nice Chevy Nova? Well, apparently the Spanish-speaking people! In Spanish, 'va' means go. So, when you put 'no' in front of it, it means 'no go' hahahah. Obviously it wasn't a big seller!

Tengo leche - This is a phrase I actually said before, not knowing the meaning. Tengo in Spanish means 'I have' and leche means 'milk'. So, I was talking to my flatmate and he was making dinner and asked if he could borrow some milk from me. I had just bought some and said yes, tengo leche. That seems regular right? Well, apparently not! Through laughs, he explained that you say 'I have milk' if you are breast-feeding, which I was obviously not doing. Oh my!

Hope you enjoyed these common mistakes! If you ever come to Spain, remember them!


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