Friday, June 11, 2010

Living the Dream

Well, one of my life dreams came true today...I was published in a newspaper! That's right folks, one of these very blogs that you have read before, appeared in The Daily News - my hometown newspaper.

My dream job would be to be a writer who gets paid to travel around the world, but I don't think in this economy that is likely to happen. However, it is quite exciting for me to have my words in print. I have always wanted to be a journalist, even thought about majoring in it and did some writing for my college newspaper, and have always had a goal to see my name on a byline of a story in a real newspaper, and finally it has happened. I can't stop smiling :)

For those of you who don't get The Daily News, here is the link to my story.I thought it would be a big suprise to everyone when they opened their Sunday newspaper, but The Daily News spoiled it and printed a 'coming this weekend' thing with my photo. So, the secret was out, but it is still just as exciting to me. Thanks to everyone who has read the blog. I love writing and love it even more that you guys out there enjoy reading my stuff. Hopefully, I can get more stuff published in the future!


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Ron Trembath said...

Absolutely wonderful! It is great that your wonderful words have been able to bring a bit of spice and class to Kelso/Longview. Good job!!