Thursday, February 2, 2012

A quick flurry

While the average temperature for February is between 49º and 57º, yesterday it dropped to 32º and snowed.  As I left the house, bundled up with 3 sweaters, gloves, a scarf and furry boots, I didn't feel the cold but saw small flakes casually falling from the sky as I headed to work.  Entering my classroom I was even more excited about the little flurries and found out that more was to come.  By 10am it was a small blizzard - well, I lie, it was basically just normal snowfall haha.  The kids were so confused but interested in seeing this white stuff falling and covering thier playground and my workmate, Begoña, brought in a little handful for them to touch it.  What reactions!  Even better were the reactions of the 2 year olds whose eyes opened WIDE and exclaimed 'que nevazo!' (what a snow!).  It made me realize that for most of these kids, while they see snow on the mountains or on TV or something, this was probably the first time they had ever had it so close - and boy were they pumped.  Half hardly slept, so excited to wake up from the nap to see more snow, but sadly by mid-day the snow had melted and my snow dreams were gone. 

While only on the ground for about 3 hours, the city managed to take advantage of it.  When there is snow on the beach people flock to take photos.  They also just must have a pic of the mind-boggling snow-covered palm trees!  Here is a link to the local newspaper's photos of the few hours there were snow (Diario Vasco).  Some are boring - the highway, trainmen sweeping snow off the platform, etc, but then there are some gems like one of some old people swimming, yes swimming in that icy water!

Although the temps won't go above 32º (0ºC) today, the roads are clear and the buses are running, so I am off to work.  Thanks Siberian Cold Front for a few hours of white fun! 



Mom said...

YEA!!! Snow brings out the kid in us. Glad you got some. XXXOOO

Mom said...

So enjoyed the pics. How beautiful!