Monday, January 30, 2012

Sole searching

When I was home awhile ago, I got to visit my favorite place to shop ever - Target.  After coming home, I thought I would see what I missed and peruse thier website and was quite shocked when I found a pair of Espadrilles for sale online.  Amazingly popular in the Basque Country, I had no idea that the fad had made it to the States.

What are Espadrilles you might ask?  Check our this San Sebastian colored pair on Target's site.  Basically, they are a casual pair of shoes - with the top made of canvas and a rope-like sole.  Derived from the Catalan (northeastern region of Spain) word for shoes, espardenya, the shoes are said to be named after the tough grass used to make rope in the area.  Made there since the 14th century, the shoes have been popular in Basque Country for more than a century too.  While Target has a bit more manufacturing work added in, the Basque pairs are always made out of one piece of canvas.

Worn by men and women, both Joseba and I have a pair.  Well, I have two pairs to be exact - a lavendar pair and a black pair with the laces too.  Incredibly comfy, you can really only wear them in dry weather, which is not so often lately here haha.  You can kind of see me sporting my black pair in this photo taken on Santo Tomas Day in December.  While once part of the peasant clothing, they are a must-have in almost everyone's wardrobe here.  So, if you want to put a little Basque into your life this Spring/Summer, buy a pair and take a walk in my shoes.


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