Friday, April 20, 2012

The Oustanding Out-of-Towners (Part 7 - Grammy's Guest Blog)

Last week, Amanda asked me to write my thoughts down on this past week we shared together-- me- who would forget my head if it wasn't glued on but I better give it a try......

For the past three years, Amanda has shared with me the beauty and love she has for her new home so it became a place of great interest to me and after a time I could put names on the faces of her friends at the Academy. I had a name and face for the man who stole her heart and his lovely family.  It was a Fairy Tale to  me so can you imagine my great surprise when my Niece called me last Fall and invited me to join her on a trip to Spain???? I'd get to see my grand daughter, meet her new husband, Joseba and his family.  Almost too much  to take in....

So on Monday , April 2nd, both Cathy and my self boarded the planes that took us to San Sebastian.  With Cathy making all the arrangements, all went so smooth.  Even my "ole age" and gray hair gave us many perks.   Both Amanda and Joseba met us at the Bilbao airport and our wonderful trip really began.  They met us with open arms and they were never far away.

I can't begin to describe the beautiful blue water in the Sea of Biscay. the cobble and narrow streets in the old section of the city ,the ancient cathedrals thousands of years old. Each and every day, Joseba and Amanda had some new and exciting thing to share with us.  We couldn't have found more perfect hosts.

Of all the wonderful experiences Cathy and I shared this week, the ones I hold most dear are the ones we shared with Amanda and Joseba.  We walked from one end of town to the other, stopping at many pinxto bars on the way. Joseba took us  on road trips to where he grew up, worked and lived before he married.  Meeting his lovely Mother, Maixus was  right at the top of my want list and her lovely family . She was all that Amanda said she was and I will long remember her sparkling eyes till we meet again.  I have tears when I remember holding Amanda close. I have tears when I remember a huge old cathedral and Joseba singing in his beautiful voice, Moon River. And last but not least I get tears when I remember Maixus and the great joy I felt meeting her. Altho we could not speak the same language, I hope she felt the love I held for her.  It was a week I shall never forget.

Good byes came much to soon but knowing we would see them again when they came to visit this summer made it easier.  For the time being Cathy and I left part of our hearts in San Sebastian.

Mucho  Muxu
Hazel (aka Grammy!)

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