Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Outstanding Out-of-Towners (Part 8)

After many action-packed days, we took Easter Sunday a bit easier - well Grammy and me that is.  Cathy, with all the energy in the world, boarded a bus to Bilbao to see the glorious Guggenheim Musuem!  Such an Energizer Bunny she is :)

After seeing her off, Grammy and I wandered towards the beach, admiring all the beautiful architecture of the houses.  Walking along the even pretty sidewalks which are flanked with gorgeous flower arrangements, sometimes we forgot to look up at the actually houses themselves.  With impressive rod-iron balconies to detailed engravings, each house was special in its own way and with the bright cherry blossoms nestled up against some of the stone buildings, they were even more astounding. 

Although a bit rainy, the sprinkling couldn't distract from the tree-lined streets and fountains that give beauty to even the normalest plazas.  In the Plaza Gipuzkoa however, there were too many flowers and trees to count!  The little pond with two swans swimming around was surrounded by bright flowering gardens and Grammy knew the name of each and every flower! 
We meandered across the Urumea River and headed to my old neighborhood of Gros.  Along the way I pointed out little things to Grammy - where Joseba and I bought our wedding rings, where I did this and that and we even had a coffee and tasty pastry at a bar I used to frequent.  As it started raining more and more though, we decided to head up to my current neighborhood, Egia, by bus for some more relax time.  Along the way we stopped off at my old apartment, and even made it into the building thanks to someone who was leaving!  Grammy got to see my old front door, which she was oh-so-excited about! 

When we arrived home, sick Joseba was cooking away - a tasty salad, this time sans sea snakes.  Not feeling well, after lunch he went to sleep and Grammy and I stayed in the living room going over photos, stories and more.  We eventually started to bake - something we have always done together and something that I love.  From carmel corn messes and muffins for school projects to ginger snap cookies and eating the cake batter, I have so many memories with my Grammy making desserts and was uber-excited to be able to actually do it in my own home. 

With some cute molds my friend Emma had bought me for Christmas, we made cute little decorative cakes for our Easter dinner that was to come.  While it wasn't raining too much we ventured up to the city cemetary, which is about 5 minutes up a steep hill from my house.  While a bit morbid, I think that the cemetary is gorgeous - with gravestones that could serve as small chapels.  Grammy, equally strange as me I suppose, also liked the place and we stayed for quite some time admiring the gravestones and their intracacies. 

After another tasty meal by Joseba we almost couldn't even eat them, but made a bit of room for them and the little Easter candies I got everyone - turns out I am the only person in the group who doesn't adore black licorice, which was one of the candies I got them.  They all popped the black licorice wheels in their mouths with gusto and when the going got tough and Grammy couldn't unravel any more, she just gave up and ate it whole, which garnerend quite a few laughs.  While there were no Easter baskets, eggs or bunnies, it was our first Easter in our home together and it was very special to have shared it with two amazing guests!


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