Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Oustanding Out-of-Towners (Part 10)

After such a sunny day, there was nothing more to expect than a day of rain.  That is how San Sebastian weather seems to treat us.  Although filled with a lot of precipitation, we didn't let it rain on our parade and made sure to spend the last full day in the city doing what girls do best - shopping and drinking wine!

We headed to the center in the morning on a mission.  Cathy, the pottery lover of the family, headed into a kitchen shop much to her delight while Grammy and I headed to the Old Part to look for souviners.  From earrings to oven mitts, we were able to find everything quite quick and then headed to meet Erika,  my old boss. 

Grammy was quite excited to meet her, as she knew so much about her!  Heck, she had even talked to her a couple years ago when Joseba and I visited Erika in Sweden.  I am sure Grammy was quite surprised to see a Swedish number pop up on her called ID, but it was us and boy was she happy.  Erika has always seemed more like a friend to me than a boss.  We meet for lunch, she came to our wedding, we visited her family, etc so it seemed appropriate that she meet my family and show off her brand new adorable baby boy, Alex. 

We sat down in a small cafe with the coveted window seat and just talked and talked.  Soon after Cathy joined us and I felt a bit outnumbered in the crowd of blonde and white haired ladies!  Erika had heard so much about Cathy and Grammy that she was quite excited to meet them too and it was sad to part ways as Erika headed for the bus home and us to the bookstore for some more 'pressies' (presents as Cathy calls must be that New Zealander's influence!).  However, we did manage to capture a 'Swedish Sandwich' photo, where I am squished between my two favorite Swedes!

Next on the 'to-meet' list was my close friend, Emma.  Grammy also had her up at the top of her list.  Back when we got married, Emma contacted Grammy to ask her to send something (a letter or video) for me to be given on the special day from Grammy, so she could be part of it.  Using Facebook she found her in a hot minute and wrote her.  Seeing as Emma speaks something like 9 languages, it was no problem for her to write Grammy a note in English and get a lovely note and photo, which she gave to me right after we said our vows.  With long dark hair and a cute little figure, Grammy commented that Emma was even prettier than in the pictures!

We headed to another bar, seeing as the sideways wind and heavy rain impeded any sort of outdoor strolling and ordered what would be our last pintxos of the trip.  Stuffed to the brim and after talking over some wines, we bid adeiu to Emma and then headed back to their apartment to finish packing and relax. 

The rain finally stopped and made the walk home much more pleasant.  We hung out at the apartment just a smidge and then headed off for more socializing - another meeting with Joseba's mom and him.  As the queen of presents, Maixus gave Grammy and Cathy each a lovely pair of earrings and a bottle of the Basque wine, txakoli, which was made with grapes that are grown on her family's farm.  A  very sentimental and tasty gift for sure.  And although Grammy doesn't have pierced ears, I imagine sooner or later she will find a way to get them converted into clip-ons!

After Cathy and Grammy's final hugs with my mother-in-law, Joseba whisked her back home and we headed back to start cooking the last supper.  Delicious as always, we enjoyed our last night together just calm and quiet. 

Bright and early the next morning though, we had to take my ladies to the airport and say our goodbyes.  Since we are coming to visit on July 24th though, it was more like saying 'see you later' instead of goodbye and I barely even cried, which is a miracle for me. 

After they left as I rode the bus home alone, I still was in wonder at the amazing week that had just happened.  To be able to show my family my life was incredible.  I loved every moment of it and am so amazingly thankful that they took the time to come and visit me and our life here.  Now instead of just reading my blog, I hope that they can walk down the streets with me as I go through the Old Part pintxo bars, or recognize some views if I post a pic of a sunny day or taste the scrumptous breakfast if I meet a friend for a cafe con leche.  While they left, I think I kept a bit of their hearts here with me, for which I thank them and am now waiting for the return trip ;)


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PC Adventures said...

Finally read your last blog from our trip to San Sebasitan. In fact, went back and re-read them all. The time that we had with you, Joseba, friends and family will fill my heart always.

xxoo C