Monday, July 30, 2012

Agur Donostia!

Some of you might be wondering, where the heck are Amanda and Joseba?  Didn't they say they were coming home on the 24th of July for a month-long visit?  Well, the 24th has come and gone and they aren't here as you may have noticed.  But, we have a good reason!

After booking our trips there were some changes here and we decided to lengthen our 1 month trip to about 1 month + 2 years.  Yup, you read right!  We started with the immigration process and are almost finished and tomorrow will be leaving our lovely Donostia apartment.  After spending a monthish in Joseba's hometown we will head over to the good ol' US of A to start an exciting adventure!

Saying goodbye to friends, projects and family will be tough but we are looking forward  to microbrews, gorgeous hikes and a new city to explore together.  The shock of a new country will be in full swing when we arrive - just think - football season starts, Halloween, Elections, Thanksgiving, Christmas,'s a lot for someone who has never been to the States!

I'll post a blog once we finish with the entire immigration process about what we had to do and how it went but figure you'd like to know that we have mailed about 500 pieces of paper for the entire process.  We'll make sure to plant a tree upon our arrival! 

We are excited for this next step and I am definitley looking forward to being back on American soil for a bit!


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