Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener

Some of you might remember from a couple of years ago when I wrote a blog about Joseba and my trip to Copenhagen and Stockholm, that during our trip we were on an almost fruitless hunt for flower seeds from Scandanavia for his Uncle.  Joseba's Uncle Ricardo has an amazing flower garden that just sprouts with color each year and as a little token of his trips, Joseba likes to bring him a special flower seed from each place he goes.  While Joseba has never been to the USA, when  my Grammy heard about this souvenir project she sent some little seed packets (tall poppies, I think) over for him as a gift.

By time they arrived last year it was too late for them to bloom, but this year they are making quite an impact on his garden.  He excitedly told us that one of them, a tall shoot of color, was really coming along well and that we should pass his farm and take some shots to send to her as a thanks.

When we got there, not only were the seedlings Grammy sent over in bloom but so many other beautiful colors covered the garden.  He first showed us what she had sent - and was impressed that it came in so many colors; pink, white and this deep deep burgandy that he had never seen!  They were gorgeous!  Nestled close to the American seeds were a vast array of other flowers.  It's a shame I don't remember all the names from growing up and helping Grammy weed her garden, but I'm sure all you Green Thumbs out there can recognize a lot of these.

The flowers spread across the garden and even a rose bush climbed up the wall and blooms in the window, which happened to be a bathroom one.  I guess if you do a #2 in there, you really CAN say it smells like roses haha.

After admiring his garden we headed over to the other Uncle's house to get a load of his and his wife's blossoms.  Also beautiful, I was most shocked at the fact that she had both yellow and pink cala lillies.  I had only ever seen them in white and was mystified at the fact that they came in color too!  Shows how much of a gardener I am!

Upon seeing my delight, she offered to cut me a quick bouquet, but since we were on our way to a restaurant for lunch, I said it'd be better to save the gorgeous flowers for another day.  However, when we were heading to the car, Joseba's Uncle Ricardo insisted that I have a red rose to match  my dress.  What started as a red rose soon turned into a red rose and a red mum (well, atleast I think that's what it was) and then a couple lavender stems and a white gladilous.  Well, his aunt wouldn't let me get away with such an arrangement without putting some of her best cuts in it and rushed back to her garden and returned with the yellow and pink cala lillies that I liked so much and a red gladilous!

In the end, I carried the gorgeous bouquet around town and at each bar dropped it into a cup of water and when we finally sat down to lunch, the waitress was sweet enough to give us a large water pitcher so that they could drink up and decorate the table simultaneously!

Enjoy the pics of the flowers in their gardens below - and if you know the name, let me know!  I'm dying to find out!


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