Saturday, January 31, 2009

Already the end of January?

Hello again! I have not written in some time just because I still don't have internet! I am going insane and spend all my free time at my friend's house that is next door. The girls who live here - Lotte and Natalia - were already my friends but now we are inseperable! This week was crazy busy. It is Lotte's last week in San Sebastian so every night we are going out, going out and going out! While it has been really tiring it was also a blast. The best was last night when her boyfriend had his whole rugby team over and they cooked us a dinner - a tasty paella (which is like a rice dish with sauce and meats in it, yummy)! You can kind of see the food in this picture with Lotte. She left today (tear) and for the rest of the weekend I will just rest up.

Nothing new or exciting. Wait wait, we did have one whole day of sunshine. It was like a miracle! I haven't seen the sun since...well, Rome really! Isn't that horrible - almost a whole month without sunshine! February is already here and the months are flying by. I will start going on weekend excursions more now that my time is winding down so my blogs will start becoming more exciting for you ha.


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