Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Felicitaciones Barack Obama!

Congratulations :D We now have a newwwwwww President! Yayayay! I think I am the only person in the entire world who has not seen his inaugaration address because I STILL don't have internet. The internet cafe and the computer at work don't support video very well so I can't actually see it, and I dont have a TV. To quell this problem I have read every article on CNN, read the speech and the articles in Time magazine about the inaugaration! I saw bunches and bunches of pictures from the States yesterday and it seemed like time just sort of stopped so everyone could watch and celebrate his presidency. Teachers watched it from schools with thier students, workers watched it on TVs in the breakrooms or huddled around computers, parents took thier kids to DC to witness it firsthand, New Yorkers gathered in Times Square to watch it on the jumboscreens. The papers all say that this was a huge moment in American (and world) history and that you will always remember what you were doing the day he got elected. What was I doing?? Teaching an English class to some 8-year-olds - sadddddd. I wish I could have been home to celebrate this momentous occasion and actually felt a bit homesick yesterday. While it wasn't the same being here, a bunch of my friends made sure to tell me 'congratulations' about our President and it seems like the world is very happy with our decision. One paper even called us the United States of Obama. All I know is that yesterday at 6pm (noon DC time) when he was inaugurated, I was proud to be an American :)


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