Saturday, January 24, 2009

THE Haircut!

The last time I cut my hair was September 9th - one day before I left for Spain. I have been so so nervous to get my hair cut here in Spain because I was pretty convinced I was going to look scarrrrrrry. The girls here get thier hair cut in layers but they look a lot more like levels - big choppy levels. They also get bangs, which we call Basque bangs - about one inch long and super straight right across thier forehead. On top of this people have purple hair and usually the haircuts look like the hairdresser cut the girls' hair with thier eyes closed. My friends Lotte and Natalia have found a hair place right by my house and thier hair looks regular so that is where I went. The lady was nice and I even explained the whole haircut in Spanish woo hoo. Bangs - friquilles. Ends - fines. Cut - cortar. Tada, now you can get your hair cut in Spain as well! The only bad thing about the hair cut is that the hairdresser insisted on styling my hair. I was like oh oh, just do it straight and she was like no lets do something exciting - lets do curls. Oh gosh. When I left I looked like Shirley Temple! So here I had super done hair and no makeup at 11am ha. Since it is curly, I don't really know how the haircut turned out...I am hoping its good!

The hair won't last for too long because we are having torrental winds here. We are in the middle of a cyclone to be exact. We are having 100mph winds and they are closing entire streets that are too close to the beach. But I am fine, just a bit winded (hahahah). I guess the storm is all on the coast of Portugal, Spain and France and I don't know how long it will last but it is pretty serious!

Hope your weather is a bit better and you are having a great weekend!


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