Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach Time!

Well, after months and months of bad weather, we are being blessed with some sun in San Sebastian. I think it is only supposed to last until Wednesday or Thursday, but that's fine because I am off to Paris then. In the meantime, I am taking full advantage of the good weather! Friday morning, I woke up, headed to the beach for an hour and then went to work. Saturday morning, I went over to Esther's and we headed to the beach and spent practically the whole day there! We had breaks for ice cream and water of course ha!

While on the beach, I decided it is THE best place for people watching in San Sebastian. I love just watching people and the beach is great for it - all day! My favorite sight of the day was a 20-year old girl who was walking along the water, topless with her ipod on and she was basically dance-walking. It was just hilarious because if you didn't see her ipod, she just looked crazy.

During one of our breaks from the sun, Esther took me to this amazing mansion on top of a hill that overlooks the beach - turns out it used to be the Queen's summer residence. She doesn't use it anymore, but lots of people head up to the grounds to relax on the grass and check out the great view. I wish that the Queen would just give it to me - I would put it to good use haha! After our exploring we headed back to the beach and tanned some more! I am pretty brown now hoooray! We also managed to fit in a little shopping, some dinner and a wine night with all of us girls.

Today (Sunday) is just as nice, but I don't want to over-do it in the sun, so I won't spend my whole day on the sand. Instead, I will do things around the house and then pop my head out from time to time to enjoy the dress-wearing weather. Funny story with dresses: I haven't worn many dresses so far in San Sebastian because it has been so cold, so last week I finally wore one to class and most of my kids were so shocked and kept asking if I had been to a party or if I was going on a date. No no kids, I just wore a dress today. Obviously they were impressed. Now that it is warm enough, I am going to break out more and more dresses, just to impress the students haha. Something else my kids found suprising was that one day last week I bought a bouquet of flowers at a shop in Hondarribia and was going to take them home that night. I like to have flowers in my bedroom just to brighten it up, but the kids were so confused with this concept. They all asked me who bought them for me and I said I bought them myself, to which they replied: 'ohhhh, are you getting married?'. This puzzled me even more - do people buy themselves flowers when they are getting hitched here? haha. These are just some of the hilarious questions I get asked on a weekly basis :)

Off to do some laundry - good chore to remind me that my life doesn't consist of just the beach! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend as well!


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