Monday, May 11, 2009

Mariposa Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! I can't beleive it is already the middle of May! Where is this month going??

I always like Mondays at school because I really enjoy all my classes on this day. Today was particularly fabulous because with all of my kid classes we have been painting butterflies (mariposa pronounced mary-pose-uh) and today I finally hung them up on the ceiling! Normally my arts and crafts activities (I do an arts and crafts activity every week with my kid classes - so you can imagine how many I have done this year!) involve cutting, coloring and gluing stuff together, but boy were the kids excited last week and today when I told them we were actually going to be painting! It's funny because the word for 'coloring' and 'painting' is the same in Spanish so when I told them we were painting they didn't think anything of it until they saw the actual paint and then they were estatic! I always let them take thier projects home when we are finished but made sure that I held onto all of the butterflies - which made a bunch of them angry, but hopefully they will be impressed with the flying butterfly ceiling this week! I know it's not the biggest event in history, but it was the highlight of my day :) I put up a few shots in this blog so you can see the adorable little kids and thier sheer happiness that I let them do such a messy project!

Other than that, the day was normal. Rain. On the bus ride home though, hail the size of golf balls started pummeling down! People stopped walking on the sides of the streets and cars stopped under the underpasses but the bus powered on! It was so loud and last for about 10 minutes - thunder and lightning accompanying, which I loved! When I got home, the sidewalks were quite slick but I did notice this leaf that had been pounded with rain into the sidewalk and I thought it was rather pretty. Stop and smell the roses...or stop and see the pelted leaves!

All in all, a rather regular day but just wanted to share it with you all :)


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