Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here comes the novia (part 2)

With our wedding date set, we are running around making sure everything is planned, but of course I wanetd to take some time out to tell you how it is all coming!  The government had told us that it could take up to two months to hear back about our paperwork to be processed, and then last week they called and said that June 18th could be our wedding date if we'd have it.  Overjoyed we said yes and started to throw things together for the day.  Now that you know the legal preparations we took, I am more excited to tell you about the more exciting details!

One cloudy day on our vacation in Tenerife, we did a bit of shopping and found a lovely white dress that I decided I would wear at the wedding.  It is a summery organic cotton dress, hand-sewn with some beautiful detail work.  With straps and a V-neck, it hits me just above the knee and looks great with  my tan wedge sandals and a little sweater I will wear.  Jewelery is still to be decided!  I think I might wear some of my friends' earrings - something borrowed!  My something new is obviously the dress.  The borrowed is a lovely pair of earring my friend, Enar, has lent me.  Seeing as I will wear a tan sweater, she has loaned me an elegant but my style pair of earrings that are long and have a shiny brown circle at the bottom.  They stand out from my hair and go great with the sweater and shoes!  The blue will be a dainty garter my mother-in-law-to-be had hand-made for me.  With a gorgeous sewn lace and a shiny blue ribbon running through it, it will be perfect.  And last but not least, my something old is a precious clutch purse Grammy gave to me some years ago.  It is a gorgeous beaded purse that Grandpa gave her, so not only is it old, but it has a lot of meaning to me.  And as I carry it, it will be like Grammy is there, seeing all the action alongside me.  Joseba has his outfit picked out too.  Seeing as I am dressed so summery, he will match me in casualness and sport black dress pants, a white dress shirt and a nice gray sweater.  We will see if I can convince him to wear a tie!  And, nice girlfriend that I am, he will keep his clean-cut beard that he loves to much.  I like it too, so it's not really a big sacrifice for me!  So we are set in the clothes department.

Anticipating the day, we had also picked out our rings as soon as we turned in the paperwork.  Two very simple silver bands.  Mine with a small diamond and two etchings that make the stone look like the bud of a flower and Joseba's a wide band.  Engraved in each will be our names and the date of our wedding. Funny thing is, that when you look at Joseba's engraving and mine, it will seem that we got married on different days.  For us, June 18th would be written like 6-18-2011.  Whereas, in Basque, it is written like this: 2011-6-18.  When we told the lady, she kind of chuckled and made sure to write it down, so as avoid any confusion!  On top of that, she was a bit thrown off as to why we were trying the rings on on the 'wrong' fingers.   Here, a wedding ring is called an alianza, which you translate to mean alliance, and is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.  However, I can't be married and wear it on my right hand, it needs to go on my left.  Joseba doesn't like wearing rings on his ring finger and instead will wear his band on his middle finger, and on the left hand to match me.  We are one crazy couple, who it seems don't do things conventionally. With outfits and rings ready,  really the only thing left to plan was the after-ceremony lunch. 

In Orio, it being such a small town, it was easy to book the restaurant next to the beach, invite our closest friends and hope for good weather! (fingers still crossed)  We selected a set menu of a warm salad, a small appetizer and fish.  Wine and champagne are givens!  The plan will be for everyone to meet at the restaurant after our 12:30pm ceremony and we will start with some pintxos and then later move onto lunch and then dancing!  With family and friend here, we have about 30 people coming - quite a good crowd for a small wedding. The night will continue with meeting more friends and then going out to party in a town nearby called Zarautz!  Simple, but with very special people which makes it great.

I have just come back from a massage that my girls suprised me with, and I am no where near being a Bridezilla.  I am completely calm, not nervous one bit.  I am however, very excited and counting down the hours until it all begins.  Tomorrow I will have a manicure and pedicure (thanks again girls) and then Saturday morning will get my hair done and head to my wedding!  It's incredible to say those words. 

Will of course keep you posted of the happenings, but wanted to share so far how the planning is coming!


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Jill said...

Amanda... I love the story of your grandma's clutch and of course the rings! So funny! Glad you're still feeling calm and excited! Have a great weekend! :)