Friday, June 17, 2011

Here comes the novia (part 3)

How do Americans traditionally have weddings?  The bride pays for it all.  Am I right?  Well here, it is the opposite.  Like the extreme opposite.  Normally, to attend a wedding in Spain, you pay at least 150€ (about $200) per person.  That gets you lunch and drinks.  You are, of course, still expected to bring a gift.  And if the gift is below a 150€ value, you are considered cheap.  Basically, while people in the States go broke off thier wedding, couples in Spain make a profit off thiers.  And it's no mistake, it's completely planned that way!  Incredible.  So I guess all of you guys who can't come, should be happy you can't!  hahah just kidding.

Joseba and I don't agree with this money-making business, and instead decided that we didn't want to make our friends go broke just for celebrating with us.  So, our simple wedding turns out to be quite cost-friendly too.  We are getting married in the town hall, which is free.  Check.  Our lunch at the beach-side restaurant offered us a set menu at the price of 33€ (which would be about $40) - a good price for lunch and drinks here.  Check.  We have told all of our friends not to worry about bringing gifts - we already have everything we need, we just want to celebrate.  Check.  We are doing the music ourselves.  Check.  My dress was  bought at a one-off organic cotton store in Tenerife and was a steal.  Check.  My girlfriends gave me a gift certificate to get my hair done.  Check.  So you see, our costs for the wedding are slim to none.  I guess that's why I am not stressed at all - there is nothing to stress about.  It will be simple but perfect for us.

The last preparations are happening today - my manicure pedicure, make-up practice, earring selection, etc.  And, an unexpected preparation today - one of my good friend's Madeline and her boyfriend, from the UK are flying in tonight!  When they found out about our wedding date, they decided they couldn't miss it and found a cheap flight from London and will be here toast to our wedding!  Amazing surprise!

Then tomorrow morning I will wake up (after a lot of beauty sleep, I hope) and head to the hairdresser's.  With my hair and make-up done, I will get dressed and my friend and witness, Emma, and her boyfriend will pick me up and drive us to Orio, where finally I will see Joseba and we will enter into the Town Hall and start our marriage!  The majority of our wedding guests (about 30) have said they will be outisde Town Hall waiting for us when we leave.  Guaranteed I will walk out with a smile from ear-to-ear. 

The only thing left up in the air is the bouquet.  Joseba told me that if I like suprises (I do - no pun intended), to not buy flowers.  So, we will see what he has up his sleeve tomorrow.  I don't care what kind of flowers they are - they could be dandelions for all I care - I just already know I am going to be SO happy.  Luckily, I already bought waterproof mascara because I know that I will cry.  Without a doubt.

For those of you who live in Kelso/Longview, I put an announcement of our wedding in The Daily News and it should be coming out on Sunday.  And as soon as I get a moment after our wedding, you can bet your bottom dollar I will write a blog about our special day and share it with you.



Monica said...

I wish I could be there to do your makeup! :) Love you! Tom and I wish you and Joseba a big CONGRATULATIONS on your big day! besos!

PC Adventures said...

We send our best wishes to you both on this most joyous day. What a pleasure to have met Joseba and to witness the great love that you share. Lots of love. . . Cathy and Paul

Jill said...

It's 2:00pm Sunday afeternoon right now in Korea, so it's official that I can say HAPPY WEDDING DAY! Can't wait to see your pictures and hear how it went!