Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here comes the novia (part 4)

Well, it's here.  I don't know how it came so fast.  Today is my wedding day.  I kind of can't believe it.  I am still not a bit stressed or nervous...just excited.  Woke up quite early this morning to prepare slowly without rushing.  And have been listening to our first dance song - Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips.  It's quite an old song, but when I was deciding to stay here or to move back and do a Master's, I listened to it a lot.  And the line that stuck with me was one in the chorus that says 'I'd rather live his world, that live without him in mine' and that line made a big impact in my decision.  I am completely in love, and can't imagine living without this if I live in Basque Country or China or USA or Brazil, I know I will be happy if we are together.  The only problem with this song meaning so much to our relationship is that I guaranteed will cry during our first dance.  I guess that is to be expected at some point during the day.

So, my nails and hair are done, make-up put on (the girls suprised me with that too), dress and other accessories on and a big smile to go with it.  Now all I need is that wedding here I go.  Will be thinking of your all today, and wishing you could be here.  Thank you everyone for the kind emails - so nice to wake up to them! 


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Jarvisey said...

absolutely love it! perfect wedding! ;)