Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My First Pinterest Project

It's been quite some time since I signed up for Pinterest, the online site where you can essentially 'pin' things to your own 'pin boards'.  It's all virtual, but say you have a board for yummy treats, then there you may pin tasty recipes you find, cute cookies cutters, inspiring decorating tips and so on.  It's an addiction, constantly looking for new and exciting things.

The big thing it seems on Pinterest is the lovely DIY (do-it-yourself) craze it has.  Want a coffee table?  Don't BUY it, make it!  Same for a plethora of other things that you didn't need until you saw it.  So, the thing that I convinced myself that I desperately needed was a vertical cork board made with real corks.  I saw this project right when I signed up for the sight and was obsessed.

When we left the Basque Country, I thought a great way to keep that home with us in our new home would be to bring corks from wines, txakolis and champagnes we drank there and put them up here.  With the help of friends and a friend's restaurant owner dad, we had a ton of corks that just needed a bit of glue and a spot in our new home.  Unfortunately (because obviously there had to be some sort of challenge in my first Pinterest project), we were overweight on our luggage limit when we came and although the corks didn't weigh much, they did take up a significant space in our carry-on which was not weighed (it was incredibly overweight by the way.)  So, alas, our cork collection was lost and we started from scratch when we got here.

Now, there are about 45 corks on display, which isn't to say that we became lushes when we arrived and drank 45 bottles of wine.  Luckily, our trips to Seattle and Ashland helped fun our cork collection.  Grammy also had saved a bottle of the Basque wine, txakoli, that Joseba's mom gave him on her visit - made with grapes from her own family's vines.  So that added another.  A couple of bottles wine in our house and a trip to the local craft store to buy some there (two handfuls for 50cents!) and the wine cork collection was set to make its debut on our wall.

Apart from collecting corks I seemed to have an even harder time reminding myself to buy a yard stick, which is what I stuck all the corks too.  Anyways, I got it, and started my gluing with some form of eewy and gooey rubber cement like substance.  Forty-five corks later I was done and ready to hang it on the wall!

I love that each cork (well not the ones from the craft store, but I guess that is a story in an of itself) have a memory from our first weeks here.  Some from a wine my dad and Ginny picked out, some from a wine we tried while wine tasting with Cathy & Paul, a cork from the first wine we drank in our house, a wine all the way from the Basque Country, corks from book clubs, friends' dinners and more.  It's a cute way to display some pictures (to come) and have a little memory all in the same shot.  Thanks Pinterest!

I will still continue my wine drinking although I no longer have an end goal like this one.  They say wine is good for you ;)

On a side note, I wrote this blog a couple days ago and forgot to put it up and since then have actually done another pinterest project - roasted pumpkin seeds!  Just finished making some lightly salted with oil, cinammon curry ones and some garlic ones!  Ohhh the taste test will go great with  my wine!