Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Politics with Style

Last night Joseba and I watched the final Presidential Debate in fashion - at the theater!  We watched the VP one at a bar during Happy Hour, so this was a big step up.  As it turns out, the local Laurelhurst Theater in NE Portland offered a spot for the public to watch the Debate and so that we did.

Built in 1923, the Theater transformed itself into a Theater-Pub, so along with watching Barack and Mitt duel it out, we also chomped on tasty varieties of pizza and a local beer - just heaven!  The event was free but normally movies are $4 (still a steal nowadays) which seemed to encourage a lot of people to come and check it out, as the theater was full!  We arrived about 45 minutes early and were able to grab a seat with a table in front of it, for our eating convenience. 

Seeing as it is almost a century old, it was nice to notice the art deco touches.  Being one of the first art deco theaters built it maintains that old-school feeling although we were watching a debate about very 21st century themes.

The crowd, pretty much all Democrats, participated throughout the Debate, cheering and clapping at Barack's zingers and throwing their hands up and sighing and asking questions to Romney as he answered his prompts.  Having always watched the Debates at home, it was a fun change (I'm always for not being the only one yelling at the TV).  It was great to see so many people interested and engaged. 

I just recently registered to vote and am excited for the upcoming election.  If you haven't registered, get out there and do it.  Living in the Basque Country I was always a bit frustrated that I lived somewhere where my voice wasn't heard (Residents cannot vote, only citizens).  But here, I have my voice back and intend to make it heard with my ballot on Election Day (coincidentally my birthday too).