Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sorry for no blogs!

Hi everyone!  I know I have been quite MIA lately, but don't think I have forgotten about you!  Joseba and I have been in the country almost 3 weeks to the day and in that short amount of time we have travelled to Seattle for some glorious sunshine, poked around our new city of Portland while trying to figure out why everyone says its so weird (we love it just the way it is), did a week-long trip in Ashland, OR where we saw Shakespeare at its best, hiked the gorgeous Crater Lake and wine-tasted and successfully found a place to live and furnished it!  It's been a whirlwind and we haven't really stopped since we arrived.  Apart from my book club meeting the first week of being here, I haven't read a single page of my Kindle for weeks - a shocking fact if you know me.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we ARE ok and enjoying life to the fullest.  While it is normally getting a bit misty and gray here we have been so lucky to have sunny skies since we arrived and just bought some bikes and hopefully will get out and enjoy them soon! 

I have put a youtube video of Portland, OR below so you can have a little taste of this new place I call home. 

If you want my address, shoot me an email at and I will give it to you.  Upcoming blogs will feature:  entering the US with my alien husbana, excursion to Seattle, Craiglisting my life away, our new place, everything Ashland, our first trip to the grocery store (they ARE as big as everyone says they are),  the job search, shocking American things for Joseba, beer and more. 

More to come soon!


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Jill said...

So glad you guys made it back to the US and are getting settled in! Must be beyond exciting... I'm ready to be home too!!!!