Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fabulous Fall Day

Hi everyone! Hope your weekends are going well. Nothing too out of the ordinary here but a relaxing and nice weather weekend so far!

Friday was field trip day for my Spanish class. We went to the Naval Musem - El Museo Naval. I would give you a link to check it out but everyone I find is either in Spanish or Basque...both which do you know good right? So you will just have to take my word that is was really good. We had about 20 students from the school and all the teachers so I guess that qualified us for a tour guide. She was great - spoke slowly enough for all of us to understand and talked a lot with her hands. I was proud of myself for understanding most of what she said...I kinda stopped listening when she talked about harpooning whales, but tuned back in to find that they used to make corsets out of whale's teeth. Also learned that you could make docks out of 4 whale bones (huesos) because they were so big. Just learned some interesting stuff like that. The whole musem was about how San Sebastian is really a naval city - starting off as an important European port city and how it now is a popular spot because of the amazing beaches. I thought it was a great field's been some time since I have been on one!

I slept in this morning and woke to perfect weather (tiempo)! I decided to venture to the mall to pick up some odds and ends to make meals with the foods that my family sent me! Needed to pick up some refried beans and such. Sadly, I did not find maple syrup - broken heart. When I got back home I met up with my Christine and we walked around, had some coffees, had dinner, etc. We mostly just enjoyed the gorgeous day. We walked around for a good three hours...with the help of a little Panchitos! This is my Starbucks replacement place. They even have frappucinos! I stop by here before the bus a few times a week...delicious! It was Christine's first time and I was happy to show her! Yum yum to the tum tum. Since I am still not feeling too well I am just staying in tonight, probably will watch a Spanish movie or something - maybe I should start that impossible Spanish novel I checked out!

Last but not least was a quote I stumbled upon today. It kind of fit my mood for the day! ¨Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile¨- William Cullen Bryant. I hope your Fall days are just as nice and you are out enjoying your Saturday!


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