Friday, November 7, 2008

Mi Cumpleaños! My Birthday

Yayay for birthdays! You guys all made it so special! I got so many calls and Facebook messages and some very special packages! I was worried that spending my birthday in a different country without my best friends would be sad but I had a great time and realized that I have really good friends here as well as great friends and amazing family at home! It was fun to have an extra-long birthday! It started here at midnight but thats not even my birthday in the States yet, but then I kept considering it my birthday until midnight Washington time hahah! Extra birthday time!

On Wednesday night my friends and I went out to a bar for live Brazilian music. I met some of my Brazilian friends there as well :D It was really fun and although I wasn't feeling too well it was a must to celebrate...24 years old - que vieja! (how old!) It was nice to have my friends out celebrating with me. I, of course, took a picture with my friends so you guys can meet them. From the left is Lotte (pronounced low-ta) a student from the Netherlands; next to her is Jean Paul (john paul) also from the Netherlands; then know where I am from ha; behind me is Maksym (mack-seem) and Finn (just like it looks - fin) both from Berlin. Jean Paul is my housemate (compañero de cuarto) and he knows these people from University. They have become my close friends! We had a great time and met some new friends - some actually from the States hooray!

On my birthday in the morning, I was pretty stuffed up and let myself sleep in. I finally got up at 11:00 and opened my presents hooray! Ariana sent me a fabulous package with things she knew I would miss from the States - cheezeits, peanut butter, candies, mac n cheese and American magazine and books and a Chicago present! I was pumped! Grammy had also sent a box with yummy gravies (which they have ZERO of here) and souviners from her cruise. She said it wasn't my real birthday present but it was full of things I loved! After resting up, I went to work where I got to hear my birthday song in 3 languages - English, Spanish and Euskera (Basque) - funny that they are all to the same tune as ours. The kids were SO excited it was my birthday! One of my private students who is 18 years old actually sent me a message on my phone in the morning saying happy birthday. However, she is still learning, so she spelled it like this: hapy berday. hahah I guess that's how it sounds no? It was super sweet of her!

After a long day of energetic kids I was excited to go out to a birthday dinner! I had stumbled upon a Mexican resturaunt, so of course I wanted to try it! Jean Paul and Lotte and I went out to a nice dinner there and I was pleasantly suprised with the food. I actually found a margarita, which is unheard of here! We got some nachos, guacamole, and I ordered enchiladas with chicken (pollo). It was a good deal too...we will definitley go back! It will probably become a regular place for us! After a glass of wine to celebrate the end of my birthday I came home to read all the emails for my birthday! So many! Thank you so much for them!

I woke up this morning and had a call from the office saying I had two more exciting!!! I ran over and got them and ran home to open them! They were SO heavy! Mom and Grammy had sent me a lot of goodies and I was excited to open them! Gosh they sent so much - delicious food like Chef Boyardee Ravis, Mac n Cheese, Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soups, LIFE cereal (hoooooray) jellos, oatmeals, granola and chili and more mmmmm. My roommates are all excited to try out the foods - especially sloppy joes which they have never heard of hahah. These aren't quick little meals...these are going to be delicious and much appreciated feasts. Those packages of oatmeal will last me a long time because I will savor them ha! Same with all of the other foods...they are going to be special treats! My family also sent fun birthday gifts that I love - some jewelries, a wallet that I have been wanting forEVER, measuring cups (silly thing to want right...not so silly when you have recipes in cups not milliters or whatever hahaha), lotions and clothes. I was so happy! I cried of course...ha! The cards - they get me everytime! Thank you thank you thank you!

My birthday was pretty special, but now, I'm 24 ha. Dang. Off to work soon, but thank you again for making my birthday so special! Love you all!


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