Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I am thankful for...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Since no one celebrates Thanksgiving here (obviously), I wanted to share what I am thankful for via my blog!

- My amazing family that has been fully supportive and excited about my decision to leave the country for a job on a completely different continent. I miss them so much but know that they are happy for me, and for that I am VERY thankful.

- My fabulous friends that have been so good at keeping in touch :D I didn't want to lose any friends living over here and am happy that the really important friends I have are still my closest.

- My fabulous job here in Spain. This was such a blessing and even when the kids are crazy, I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to teach and experience life in a different country, and heck, I even get to practice my Spanish!

- My helpful and caring bosses (Helena and Erika) who are always there to give me advice, provide me warm winter blankets if I need them or share fun travel spots in the Basque Country. They have been like my family here and are just great.

- All of international friends I have made over here in San Sebastian. We are all experiencing a new country together and learning together as we go.

- Our troops overseas also deserve many thanks. Eventhough they are not spending this holiday with thier families, I hope they know that we are all thankful for thier hard work for our country.

I had a turkey sandwich yesterday and will probably eat some Macaroni and Cheese tonight (VERY American if I do say so myself!) to celebrate today. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving - I am thankful that you are reading today :D

Happy Turkey Day!

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Jamil said...

Amanda! Didn't even know you were on this trip. Looks like everything is great.