Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Barack wins! The Spanish say it - ¡¡¡Barack ganó!!!Hooray! I woke up early today thinking I would catch the end of the results but it turns out you guys voted for change in heaps and they called the election for Obama pretty early in the evening, while I was sleeping! I was so excited this morning! While I was happy to see the USA election from here, yesterday was the only day that I wish I was in the States since I left! I wish I could have been in Times Square last night for the huge rally for Obama. Alas, I am still here (which isn't so bad haha) and everyone here is very excited about our decision. It was the talk of my Spanish class and all my students mentioned it today in class. Everyone asks me if I voted, and of COURSE I did! I have read most of the CNN articles today and had a big smile all day :D

Yesterday I was pretty anxious, wishing I could be home experiencing it with all of you guys, but instead I stayed busy by running errands. I made sure to take some time out to relax. Because it was so sunny and gorgeous yesterday I stopped at an outdoor café and grabbed a café con leche (coffee with milk). They actually gave me sugar cubes to put in my coffee which I had never seen haha. I sat outside for awhile reading my Spanish magazines and acting like I am a local. My Spanish tutor gave me a bunch of magazines which she calls 'women's magazines' - things like Glamour. There is a really popular weekly magazine here called Mujer Hoy (which means Today's Woman). She gave me a few of those and is so nice...she went through her magazines and gave me ones that had articles she thought I would like. The magazines she gave me have articles about Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain on the prospect of becoming First Lady (remember, these are like a week old) and another one about a special doctor who lives in NYC. I am taking my time reading through them, but am having a good time :D I also stopped by the library to check out a book that my teacher reccomended for me...yikes a whole novel in Spanish. I snapped this shot of me next to the shelf of books...all in Spanish!!! It's a lovely face I am making, I know hahahah. It will definitley take awhile for me to read and understand but I am gonna start it!

Other than that, it has been pretty regular here...spanish class in the mornings, errands, english classes and then hanging out with the roommates at night. Headed out to hear some live Brazilian music with my friends tonight! Hope your week is going well.


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Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday.
I love you lots. Your card is on the way.
Love Heidi