Sunday, December 20, 2009

How is it the last weekend before Christmas already?

Well, with all my Christmas shopping done, that wasn't the theme of my weekend! How is it honestly only a few days until Christmas? San Sebastian now has a few Christmas lights up, but it seems like the holiday came VERY quickly!

Friday morning I woke up with a bad sore throat, so my weekend hasn't been so exciting. I worked on Friday afternoon but managed to get away with not talking very much. Friday night I mustered enough energy to go to a goodbye party for Madeline (tear, she is leaving) at her house. It was quite a fun party because we played this game with gifts. Each person brought two gifts - one really cool and one really crappy. They were all wrapped and then with the dice you would either get a present, pass it right or left, trade with someone, etc until the end of the game when the timer sounded and you could open the gift you had and it was yours. It was pretty funny - some gifts of Santa lingerie, a foot pumice stone, an ugly vase and some tissues topped the bad gifts whereas the sushi set (the gift that I brought), bottle of nice wine and a cute coffee maker were the best ones! I ended up with a travel toothbrush and some crappy potpurri. It was fun but by midnight my body wanted to get some sleep so I called it an early night.

After a much-needed 10 hour sleep, I felt better and spent Saturday with Theresa, it is her last weekend as well. We finished up her Christmas shopping, had a Spanish homemade lunch and finalized our trip for after Christmas. We tried our luck again at the Christmas concerts and showed up 30 minutes early and luckily got our 3€ tickets again! This week was a gospel group from Kentucky. I had VERY high hopes, thinking it was going to be gospel music like Sister Act or something, but was sorely disappointed. It was so boring and wasn't a good representation of what American gospel music was at all! The Basques loved it - clapping with so much enthusiasum and two encores. Theresa and I just sat there, wishing the African gospel group from last Saturday would return hhaha. After the failure of a concert we came home, made a pizza and cured ourselves by watching Sister Act! The best part of the night was taking the picture outside of the event...pretty sad show huh? The Kursaal (that's what the event center is called) is lit up to say Zorionak (Happy Holidays in Basque) and the I and O are in red to emphasize the new year of 2010!

Sunday is here and the last weekend before Christmas is almost over. I have spent most of my day cleaning. I will leave for Christmas on Wednesday and want to have all of clothes clean and my room spick-and-span before then, so I am spending the chilly day inside. I am sure I will meet with friends a little later for dinner or something, but in the meantime, I will tidy up, correct exams and get everything in order for my holiday travels.

On the 23rd at night I head to Edinburgh, Scotland where I will spend Christmas with my workmate Sean and some friends and his family. On the 28th I will hop a plane to Amsterdam where I will spend New Year's Eve with my Holland friend from last year, Lotte. After a crazy New Year's party I will take a train on the 1st to Bamberg, Germany to meet up with Theresa. I'll only be in Germany for about 12 hours because on the morning of the 2nd we will jump on a train to Prague! We will spend 4 days there and then on the 6th take another train and will head to the 'Paris of the East' Budapest, Hungary! Another 3 days there and then finally my travel time will be up and I will head back to Spain on the 10th. I am super excited to see so many new places in the coming weeks. If you have been to any of these places and think there is something special I just HAVE TO see, email me - - and let me know about it!

I heard my laundry go off, so I will go grab it. I hope you are having a happy holiday weekend and I will make sure to write once more before I leave for my Euro-Holiday trip!


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