Monday, December 14, 2009

NIEVE!!!! SNOW!!!!

Today it has been bitterly cold, and guess what was happening when I walked out of work tonight?! Snow was falling! It started off with little flakes but by time my bus was almost back to Donostia, it was falling in big flakes and so, although it was freezing (literally!) I thought I would go for a walk and enjoy the snow that I so rarely see. I think it looks more like pretty rain in this photo though...hahaha.

Not only was I suprised with the snow, but I saw that San Sebastian has decided not to by so Scroogy and actually put up a Christmas tree with lights and decorated the main carousel on the big street and strung some lights in the trees. Walking around seemed like a good idea until I realized I was wearing suede boots, which are obviously not waterproof! After strolling and trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue for awhile I decided it was too cold to stay out much longer and the fact that my fingers were so cold I had trouble taking a photo was the final sign. Sorry I don't have so many pics of the snow falling, but hopefully the snow will continue through the night and tomorrow I will wake up to a white wonderland!

Cold Besos!

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