Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The weekend of cider but not so many sights

Well, another weekend already went by - and lately it seems like I have been going on fun hikes and seeing new towns, so I was kind of expecting something similar this weekend. It didn't turn out exactly like that but it was fun regardless. Friday was super boring, as I was still so tired from Thanksgiving that I fell asleep as soon as I got home and didn't wake up for about 10 hours!

Saturday, Theresa and I tried our luck on another adventure - this time picking an interior city named Andoain. Online it said it was a quaint town with a huge cathedral and a lot of historic monuments. For the 30 minute bus ride, we were anticipating a cute little village. That is not what we found. When we got off the bus, it appeared to be more of a ghost town, so we stopped in for a sandwich in hopes that after lunch more people would come out. No luck. We walked around the town and since the church was locked, the most exciting part of the city was the moving walkways that were all over. It was like you were in an airport, except these were the town sidewalks. It was absurd! Theresa took a photo of me on the moving sidewalk, obviously laughing because I think it's so ridiculous. Also, I kind of wonder how they deal with them getting wet...you see these are the interesting things we saw in Andoain. On top of moving sidewalks, we were impressed with a deserted house, a furniture market and a crazy lady who was carrying a baby doll acting like it was a real baby. While I doubt it, but if anyone one ever wants to go to Andoain, I'm going to suggest you don't!
Saturday night was much better - a huge party at the sidreria. Remember me talking about sidrerias? The place where they have cider in huge barrels and you catch it in your glass? This time, I went with some new friends and some old friends to my favorite sidreria! The girls in this picture are basically my best friends - Theresa (from Germany), me, Madeline (from London) and Heather (from New York). With about 10 more people, we were a fun crowd. The only bad part about the night was that because people spill thier cider all over the floor, it is VERY slippery and clumsy Amanda slipped and now I have a black-eye. Because of this, I spent all Sunday in bed, icing the eye, putting on cream and in general just being bitter I have a black-eye. Don't worry - nothing bad, just some bruising. I can see fine and don't need to go to a doctor, just a make-up artist! I'm still in good spirits :)

I don't think I have EVER had a black-eye, so I am learning how to put TONS of make-up on every morning to try and cover it up and am getting used to the looks many people give me like I have an abusive boyfriend. The best comments come from my students - who are quite blunt. Today one student who came in late and missed the story of my fall made sure to tell me that I was wearing too much make-up and it looked bad. So sweet. Another comment came from my 12 year old boys - we are watching The Last King of Scotland and there is a black man in it - Jon thought it was so funny that we were watching this while I have this black-eye and made sure to tell me that me and the main character had the same eye. Clever kids.

Other than that, my week is pretty uneventful. I bought a poinsetta, started listening to Christmas music and plugged in my little computer Christmas tree to help ring in the season. I read today in the newspaper that for another year, San Sebastian won't be decorating the streets for Christmas. SHAME! I will just have to be jolly on my own.

I hope your first week of December is fabulous and you are really getting into the holiday spirit because I sure am - black-eye and all!


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