Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unplanned Fun

Well, this weekend I really had no plans set in place. I wanted to finish my Christmas shopping but that was really the only thing I needed to accomplish. The past few weekends, I have been planning things and going places but without any planning, this weekend turned out to be really fun. Unexpected fun is the BEST!

Saturday morning was tough to wake-up so I slept pretty late. When I finally got up, I kicked my butt into gear really quickly because most of the shops close at 1pm for the afternoon siesta, and a lot of them don't reopen on Saturday for the evening. So, if I wanted to finish my Christmas shopping, I needed to get going full speed! I did take time however to stop and smell the roses, figuratively! There was one street that happened to have trees that were filled with pink roses. It's December! I have no idea how they are blooming, but as I was bundled up in my jacket and scarf it was a fun feeling to see roses. I had already made a list of what I was going to buy everyone, it was just a matter of finding the stuff. I didn't end up finishing all before 1pm, but when the shops closed I met up with Theresa and we decided siesta should be spent eating a tasty lunch. We walked into my favorite bar/café and there happened to be a promotion for Martini. The promotion girls asked us if we wanted a free Martini. Anything for free we can't turn down, so there we were, drinking a Martini on a Saturday afternoon. Very Spain haha.

After 'siesta' we resumed my Christmas shopping mission. One hour into our second shopping excursion we realized there was a Christmas concert that night and passed by the convention center. If there is a concert, and it's not sold out 30 minutes before the show starts, they sell the remaining tickets for 3€. Since the tickets were originally something like 25€ or 30€ its quite a good deal. We thought that there was no chance there would be open seats but luckily got some! I looked at the sign for the show - which said Gospel - so when we walked in, I guess I was expecting a group from The Bronx that was going to sing some traditional church Christmas music. Boy was I wrong! The first song, the singers all walked out in traditional African dress and sang something that sounded like I was watching the Discovery Channel. I thought, ok maybe they are just starting the concert out with this and they will sing some Christmas stuff soon. Ohhhh nope. The first few songs I think I was just in shock with the drums and the bird sound effects and the brightly colored outfits but as the concert when on I actually found myself really enjoying it. Clapping along I heard songs that celebrated God but obviously didn't sound like Jingle Bells or Rudolph. By the end of the concert, everyone was on thier feet cheering.

When we walked out of the auditorium we kind of giggled to ourselves - here we had been shopping and stumbled into a 3€ awesome concert. Hooray spontaneity. After we had about two hours before the shops closed and I successfully bought the final gifts for the season. After a tasty spicy spaghetti we headed out to some parties with some friends and didn't end up making it home until 5am. I guess that is a regular weekend night in San Sebastian!

Seeing as that we went to bed so late, we slept in Sunday morning and wasted half of the morning in bed. My roommate passed by my room and said that her boss wasn't working at the Spa that day and that if Theresa and I wanted to pass by we could get in for free! Again, spontaneity rules! We didn't do much Sunday but did manage to spend two hours in the hot seawater spa.

Shopping, a concert, free Martini and a spa day - I think these add up to a pretty fabulous weekend that had no plans Friday afternoon! I hope you all had a great weekend as well and enjoyed any spontaneity that happened to you!


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