Saturday, February 13, 2010

¡Feliz Día de San Valentín!

A very single Amanda is wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day! I spent the week making valentine's with the kids, pop-up heart cards that they seemed to think were the coolest things ever. The girls, of course, gobble it up, and I was surprised at how many boys actually were excited to make them too. I did have a group of boys who cut out their hearts and then drew daggers or bloody arrows through them - not so romantic. I made sure they knew that their little 7-year old girlfriends probably wouldn't want to receive such a scary card hahaha.
Also, my mom had sent me some lick-a-stik valentines and to my youngest students, I gave them the treat, explaining that in the USA we exchange presents of love on this day. They celebrate Valentine's Day here as well, but not to the commercial extent that we do in the States.

My 13-year old girls were perhaps the funniest, because the thing they are most interested in this month is if I have a boyfriend. I don't, but they will just never accept this answer, and constantly ask about my love life haha. I always make examples of the arts and crafts we are doing that week, so when my girls saw the Valentine I had made, they suspected that I made it for my boyyyyyyyfriend and wouldn't let up haha. I embarrass them equally as much as they go red when I ask them about their boyfriends!

Overall it was a fun week - arts and crafts are always a good time and all of the classes really liked it, so that makes me smile. I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day and are surrounded by the people you love!


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