Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is more than Valentine's Day!

Hi everyone and Happy Valentine's Day, but also, Happy Carnaval! I didn't go out last night because this morning, my boss Erika, picked me up at 10am and we headed to Hondarribia to watch the Carnaval Parade there, which had most of our students in it.

Last year I had all intentions of going but I partied til too early in the morning and couldn't manage to get myself up, so I promised myself I would go this year and see the kids perform.

Erika and I arrived and it was snowing - how can it be snowing at the end of February?! Well, it stopped by 11 when the parade started, but it was still freezing. I figured that sine Hondarribia is such a small town (think Castle Rock) that the parade wouldn't be big or long, but to my suprise it was a huge hit! People came from the neighboring towns and there were more cars in town that I have ever seen in my life! Probably more cars that all of Hondarribia owns haha.

The majority of my students danced with their dance school. It seems like the majority of Hondarribia kids go to this one dance school, so it was a good way to see them all in one swoop. This year, under much secrecy, they dressed as Pippy Longstocking - each age group in a different color variation of Pippy. It was so sweet, because I was standing right on the side of the road, and all of my students got to see me. They were all SO excited, most stopping mid-dance to wave to me. Kinda makes your heart swell. I kind of felt like a mom, so excited to see my kids dancing and snapping pictures like an over-excited grandma haha. Regardless, they are all cheeseballs and were really smiling and kept waving or pointing me out to the rest of my students. You can see in the photos that they are either looking directly at me smiling or pointing :) Hooray Amanda came!

My favorite float/group of the parade was the American tribute. Driving in 'Force One', Barack and Michelle (played by a lovely tall man with face make-up), the President and his First Lady saluted the crowd as a brass band played the National Anthem. Of course I sang it haha, but no one else knew a single word. Following the autocade was the Statue of Liberty, but with a Basque twist. This lady liberty wasn't holding a torch, instead she was gripping a bottle of Basque Sidra (cider) that from time to time would splash into the cup she was holding in the other hand. I loved it!

A lot of people watching the parade were dressed up, but I refrained. I went out on Friday night with some girlfriends dressed up. I went as a devil and Heather as an angel. We were quite a hit because most people dress up on Saturday night but we were sporting costumes a day early. It was quite a fun night, but I paid for it the next day when I was soooo tired.

Tomorrow is also Carnaval day in some smaller cities, but I think I am all carnavaled out! It's only 2pm and I've already seen a two-hour parade and done a blog, so I will consider it a successful Sunday! I hope you're enjoying your Valentine's Day/Carnaval!


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