Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leftovers for weeks!

Hi everyone! I know it's Tuesday and I'm just starting to write about the weekend, but I was so full, I couldn't bare to write haha. Just kidding, but honestly, this weekend I saw the biggest paella of my life. This weekend, one of my classmates and I headed to a small village named Zestona, where another one of our classmates lives with her husband and kids. It was her 13-year old son's birthday and they were celebrating with a huge lunch and she invited some of the people she likes from class. I figured it would be a normal lunch until they brought out the paella! I have seen big woks and large frying pans, but this thing was enormous! I know the picture here is not the best quality, but I wanted to give you an idea of the size of the pan in relation to the people and the table! My portion was HUGE and I couldn't finish it, but it was delicious.

Happy Birthday was sung in many different languages - Portuguese because they are from Brazil, Basque because we are in Basque Country, Spanish because everyone speaks it, English because I was there and Senegalese because our other classmate is from there. Quite a festive little lunch! In the end we (a group of about 18 people) only ate half of the paella, so I imagine they are still eating it!


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